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“Under the Altar” – part 2

Week #23
Sunday, June 9, 2013 … In the year of our LORD
Progressive Christianity – Progressive Revelation
“The Revelation of Jesus The Christ – Christ’s Ministry to His Church”
~ Part 2 ~
“…Christians Endure – Let The Faithful Rest –
JESUS is Coming…”
Definitions / Study Helps
  • Endure -To sustain without breaking or yielding under force or pressure. To forbear. To remain in a continued state without perishing.
  • Mission – To be sent, to be delegated by authority.
  • Be Watchful – To be watchful for Christ’s Return is to be mindful of it in the sense that it affects your daily life. Your watchfulness, your mindfulness of Christ return produces a faithfulness within you and within your daily life, that you might be found ready. We endure in this watchfulness, understanding that Christ is completing His mission in us and throughout the world.
Primary Verses
• Revelation 6:9-11
• Matthew 24:11-14 & 28:19-20
Related Verses:
• Matthew 24
((To gain the most from these questions, use your Bible. Rather than creative thinking, seek the Word of God for sound truths.))

  1. Are you living like a martyr, like a faithful witness of Christ, mindful of His return? What does this look like?
  2. Are you lost in the mundane things of this world, or mindful and loving of Christ and His return? Go through the following questions and see where you stand:
    • Did you wake up as though Christ is going to return today?
    • Do you talk to others, do you fellowship as though Christ is going to return today?
    • Do you pray as though Christ is going to return today?
    • Is your marriage lived as though Christ is going to return today?
    • Do you raise your children as though Christ is going to return today?
    • And will you continue to do these things until the end?

Sermon (Audio)
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Sermon Notes

“May the peace of God be with you always.
Father we are mindful of You and anticipate the day of Your Son’s return.
We long for Your Kingdoms coming, and pray for your mercy that we might remain always mindful of you.
Protect us from the lurs of the world and lead us in Your paths of righteousness that we might be on your mission and endure until the end.
Bless Your people we pray in the name of Jesus.”

~ Amen ~

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