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“Sound the End” – part 16

Week #47
Sunday, November 24, 2013 … In the year of our LORD
Progressive Christianity – Progressive Revelation
“The Revelation of Jesus The Christ – Christ’s Ministry to His Church”
~ Part 16 ~
“…Let The Trumpets Sound The End:
Trumpet 7 – God Is Judge…”
Definitions / Study Helps
  • Judge
    1. To rule, govern – to preside over with the power to make judicial decisions, because it was the prerogative of kings and rulers to pass judgment.
    2. To discern right and wrong.
Primary Verses
• Revelation 11:18
Related Verses:
• 1 Corinthians 3:8
• Ezekiel 38-39
• Genesis 1:28
• Isaiah 30:27-33
• James 1:12
• Mark 10:29-31
• Matthew 10:41 & 25:34-40
• 1 Peter 5:4
• Psalms 3:7, 7:6, 35:1-8 & 44:26
• Revelation 2:10, 21:7 & 22:12
• Romans 8:19-21
• 2 Timothy 4:8
((To gain the most from these questions, use your Bible. Rather than creative thinking, seek the Word of God for sound truths.))

  1. What is God’s judgment unto wrath, who is it for, and why is this part of the elder’s praise song?
  2. Who is Christ’s reward and how does knowing this effect a Christian’s life?
  3. As Christians, for what purpose are we to judge our own lives?
  4. Why and why not are Christians to judge fellow Christians?

Sermon (Audio)
Sermon (Text)

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Sermon Notes
  1. God’s judgement of wrath will come upon unbelievers.
  2. God’s rewards will come to believers, His servants, and those who fear His name.
  3. Some of the crowns that we will be rewarded with in heaven are the crown of righteousness, the crown of life, and the crown of glory.
  4. As Christians, we are to judge believers so that we may protect a soul and not condemn it.
  5. Studying God’s Word convicts unbelievers.
  6. God will overthrow every kingdom of this world.

“May the peace of God be with you always.
Our Holy Father in Heaven, you are judge of all.
Teach us Your righteousness as you save us from Your wrath and lead us into Your glory at the coming of Your kingdom.
We pray this in the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord.”

~ Amen ~

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