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“Sound the End” – part 15

Week #46
Sunday, November 17, 2013 … In the year of our LORD
Progressive Christianity – Progressive Revelation
“The Revelation of Jesus The Christ – Christ’s Ministry to His Church”
~ Part 15 ~
“…Let The Trumpets Sound The End:
Trumpet 7 – God Is Sovereign…”
Definitions / Study Helps
  • Our Almighty – He who holds sway over all things, the ruler of all, God.
  • Assimilate the Word (Take and Eat) – A verb and it means to take in, to digest, and understand fully. It means to absorb something and to cause the one who is absorbing it to become like it. As our culture accepts modern day and various media trends, it becomes more like the trend of the Hollywood star and shows. To the contrary, we as believers are to take in the Word of God and become like it.
  • Eternal – The One Who Is, Was, And is to Come.
  • Sovereign – Great power, reign – inherent power of great wealth, military, and position. The exercise of control. Supreme in power; possessing supreme dominion; as a sovereign ruler of the universe.
Primary Verses
• Revelation 11:14-17
Related Verses:
• Acts 4:26
• John 12:31, 14:30 & 16:11
• Romans 13:1
((To gain the most from these questions, use your Bible. Rather than creative thinking, seek the Word of God for sound truths.))

  1. Why and how is God being almighty, eternal, Sovereign, and encouraging to Christians?
  2. How does this future picture of the 24 elder’s worship strengthen our faith today?
  3. What does it mean that Satan is the present ruler of this world?
  4. The Bible tells us of two kings, the deceiver, Satan the present ruler of this world, and the true King of Kings, Jesus, who is coming to overthrow Satan. Why is it important that Christians not only know and believe this reality but also apply it to every part of their lives?

Sermon (Audio)
Sermon (Text)

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Sermon Notes
  1. We must assimilate the Word of God.
  2. We must submit to our authorities.
  3. Satan is the current “ruler of this world.”
  4. Heaven is celebrating, because Jesus is establishing His kingdom.
  5. As Christians, we are looking forward to the ending of Satan’s reign and the establishment of Jesus’ kingdom.
  6. God will overthrow every kingdom of this world.

“May the peace of God be with you always.
Our Holy Father in Heaven, you are almighty, eternal, and Sovereign.
For this we praise you, trust in You, and pray for the coming of Your Kingdom.
We pray this in the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord.”

~ Amen ~

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