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This Crossword comes from our current sermon series involving “The Sealed of Israel” beginning in Revelation 7. Posted on: August 20, 2013.

“The Sealed of Israel”
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  • 1. An outlook or mental view.
  • 2. Expressions of gratitude.
  • 3. Uneasiness that robs you of your Godly affection.
  • 4. The soul dwells here, metaphor of the human body.
  • 5. Power and ability.
  • 6. Success against difficulties or an obstacle.
  • 7. Praise, benediction, and prayer.
  • 8. Secular or divine insight.
  • 9. ______ & Provision. (Sermon)


  • 10. A good or joyful message.
  • 11. Go public with the gospel.
  • 12. Gospel of ______ . (Sermon)
  • 13. Saved from the penalty, power, presence, and the pleasure of sin.
  • 14. Celestial bliss.
  • 15. ________ , Seal, Identify. (Sermon)
  • 16. To return to life.
  • 17. ______ unified blessing. (Sermon)
  • 18. To render religious homage.
  • 19. God of ______ , God of wrath. (Sermon)
  • 20. Respect, nobility, or worth.

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