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“A New Life Applied” – part 3

Week #26
Sunday, June 28, 2015 … In the year of our LORD

Living By The Book
“Christians Live By The Book”
Ephesians-2 – Part 3
“A New Life Applied”

Definitions / Study Helps
Primary Verse
• Ephesians 2:1-10
Related Verses:
• Hebrews 11
• Proverbs 8:20
• Psalm 23:3
((To gain the most from these questions, use your Bible. Rather than creative thinking, seek the Word of God for sound truths.))

  1. How does the scripture describe God’s heart towards unnatural & perverse relations (sodomy)?
  2. How does this affect the Christian’s heart towards such practices?
  3. How does scripture display God’s heart towards us, and to whom and how, will this be displayed throughout eternity?
  4. How ought this affect our heart and affections towards God? How does the reality of eternity in God’s grace affect us today?

Sermon (Audio)
Sermon (Video)
Sermon Notes
  1. Society is turning more and more evil and we all need to repent.
  2. Homosexuality is the lust of the flesh and is one of the abominations of God.
  3. We will be rewarded many things in heaven, many more than we could ever have on Earth.
  4. Even though things may be legal by lawmakers, they are not justified in the sight of God.
  5. We’re in the last days, we must be watchful of what we watch and digest of society.
  6. We must discern what doctrine of society is coming into our lives.

“May the peace of God be with you always.
Our Father in Heaven, Your ways are perfect for You alone are good.
Forgive us for seeking our own ways and establish us upon Your paths of righteousness, we beseech Thee in Jesus’ name.”

~ Amen ~

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