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“Liberated Life In Christ” – part 4

Week #30
Sunday, June 26, 2015 … In the year of our LORD

Living By The Book
“Christians Live By The Book”
Colossians-3 – Part 4
“Consideration Of Our Newly Liberated Life In Christ”

Definitions / Study Helps
  • Liberty/Freedom – True liberty has as its source God, and is the opportunity and ability to
    live as we ought, not as we please. Types of freedom attributed to salvation in Christ & the indwelling of the Holy Spirit:
    1. Freedom from condemnation
    2. Guilt
    3. Sin
    4. Death
    5. The Old Covenant
    6. Blindness to the gospel truths of God
    – That there is freedom from and freedom unto shows the perfect extent and completion of the liberation offered to us by God.
    – And of the most essential points is that this freedom is of God.
  • Sexual Immorality – Operating in sexual orientation that is contrary to what God has established. This goes from the heart to the act. From being accepting of wrong acts to participating in them.
  • Impurity – Moral; suggestive of the fact that sensuality and evil doctrine are frequently associated.
  • Passion – Inordinate affection; an affection of the mind.
  • Evil Desire – Indicates the lack in a person or thing of those qualities which should be possessed.
Primary Verse
• Colossians 3:5-7
Related Verses:
• Colossians 2:8-23 & 3:1-17
• 1 Corinthians 10:31
• Ephesians 5:3-6 & 5:20
• Job 31:25-28
• John 12:25
• Luke 18:19
• Matthew 6:33, 7:7-11, 10:18, 10:39 & 16:25
• Proverbs 1:9 & 9:10
• Psalm 139:15
• Romans 1:18, 6:1-7, 13, 7:24-25, 8:13 & 12:2
((To gain the most from these questions, use your Bible. Rather than creative thinking, seek the Word of God for sound truths.))

  1. What is described as earthly in Colossians 3:5?
  2. How are the earthly remains described as lust of the flesh or appetites? How does this help us identify what must be put to death?
  3. Love of the world is displayed in covetousness which is said to be idolatry. How is covetousness idolatry and how does it display a love for the world?
  4. What appetites are we to now feed as Christians, and what love are we to operate from and grow?

Sermon (Audio)
Sermon (Video)
Sermon Notes
  1. Open rebuke is better than secret love. Being acceptable of something even though it’s wrong, is wrong.
  2. Those who don’t discipline their children aren’t being loving, but are hating each other.
  3. We must not obey the lust of the flesh.

“May the peace of God be with you always.
Our Father in Heaven, grow our appetites for Your righteousness and guide us to walk in Your love.
We pray in the name of Jesus.”

~ Amen ~

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