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“Liberated Life In Christ” – part 1

Week #28
Sunday, June 12, 2015 … In the year of our LORD

Living By The Book
“Christians Live By The Book”
Colossians-3 – Part 1
“Consideration Of Our Newly Liberated Life In Christ”

Definitions / Study Helps
  • Liberty/Freedom – True liberty has as its source God, and is the opportunity and ability to
    live as we ought, not as we please. Types of freedom attributed to salvation in Christ & the indwelling of the Holy Spirit:
    1. Freedom from condemnation
    2. Guilt
    3. Sin
    4. Death
    5. The Old Covenant
    6. Blindness to the gospel truths of God
    – That there is freedom from and freedom unto shows the perfect extent and completion of the liberation offered to us by God.
    – And of the most essential points is that this freedom is of God.
Primary Verse
• Colossians 3:1
Related Verses:
• Colossians 2:8-23 & 3:1-17
• Matthew 6:33 & 7:7-11
((To gain the most from these questions, use your Bible. Rather than creative thinking, seek the Word of God for sound truths.))

  1. If one is to answer the question positively that they have been raised with Christ, they must first concluded that they have died with Christ. When in Christ what is it that we die to and how does this birth life?
  2. The Christian life is one of action. In this passage we are called to seek. In Matthew 6:33 & 7:7, we are also called to seek. What is it that we are to seek?
  3. How devoted ought we be in our seeking of God (Luke 9:61)? How is our life being so devoted to seeking the things above, evidence of our death and resurrection in Christ? Why is this good?

Sermon (Audio)
Sermon (Video)
Sermon Notes
  1. We are overcomers in Christ.
  2. We are the resurrected of Christ.
  3. Christ’s resurrection reassures us of our own resurrection in Him.
  4. Our entire lives should always be spent seeking God.
  5. Our lives are temporary and worthless compared to heaven and our eternal life there.
  6. We must look to the things of God and not the things of this world.
  7. As Christians, we are truly in the throne room with God with Him.

“May the peace of God be with you always.
Our Father in Heaven, we seek you and the things that are of You.
Show us our life in you that we might fully live, we pray in the name of Jesus.”

~ Amen ~

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